Studio stuff -garage sale

SanDisk Extreme Pro 960GB SSD

OWC Mercury Elite Pro 4-bay HD enclosure with RAID

Monitor Display Array -Custom build

Mesa Recto 4×12 Cabinet, slanted

Mesa Recto 2:100 stereo tube amplifier

Mesa Boogie Recto Recording Preamp

Tascam MH-40B headphone amp

NI Kore 2 controller

M-Audio CO2, Toslink <--> S/PDIF converter and back

Metric Halo Spectrafoo -metering software

Apple Mac Mini -great for metering!!

Blank panels for racks

Patch bay panel with 8 female XLR, 1 rack unit

Rack plate with cable organiser (1U)

Ernst & Engbring 4-core 5 metres with 4 RCA to stubs

Ernst & Engbring 10-core 4 metres with 8 RCA to stubs

Ernst & Engbring 10-core 5 meters to stubs

Klotz Studiocore 10-core 8 meter with 16 RCA & 2 mini Stereo Tele