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Mesa Boogie Recto Recording Preamp

Rectifier Recording Preamp. Including original ownership certificates, Mesa Boogie documentation and foot switch in separate pouch.

Together with the Recto 2: One Hundred Stereo Amplifier this is the same as a Triple Rectifier Solo Head with added features for creative studio work!!


We know you won’t believe it …so STOP READING! Get your guitar, and go check out the new Recto Pre, direct through a console.

Still reading? Then here’s the deal:
There were several times we almost gave up. For three years we worked day and night to deliver the sound and feel of our legendary Dual and Triple Rectifier® stacks …direct to tape. All this time we watched a digital parade of “me-too modeling toys” try to seduce you.But we chose an alternative approach to modeling …it’s called REALITY.


In a classic guitar recording, what you hear is the sound of a tube pre-amp feeding a tube power amp, driving a speaker. Note that atube amp and speaker share a magic and complex relationship because each affects the other as they constantly respond to changes in frequency and volume. And don’t forget, the cabinet also affects how the speaker moves as it pushes air at the microphone, reacting with the ambient characteristics of the room.

Got all that?

Now let’s try to recreate this process —sound and feel— leaving out everything except the pre-amp. Ouch! You can see why we almost gave up.

We’re not exactly sure how it works or even how we did it …only that we were determined to stuff a Recto® Stack in a two-space rack.And we didn’t stop ‘til it was over the top.


If you want to be like the original, why not start with the original. And in fact we used the exact same parts and circuitry — making it killer for live too. Then we added extra recording tubes, six in total, five custom transformers, a gang of tuned inductors and our thirty years of tone-questing experience to duplicate on tape not just the sound—but the addictive feel of a Recto® stack mic’ed up in a great room.

Channel One alone will amaze you. We’ve added the Fat and Brit modes from the mighty Road King™ to create a truly powerful arsenal of clean and roots sounds. If you never used Channel Two’s amazing gain sounds, this Pre-Amp would be worth every dime just for it’s Channel One virtues alone. But trust us—there’s more, much more: Raw, Vintage and Modern roam gracefully through all the realms of subtle gain expression before reaching a mind-bending fury of high-gain Recto performance.

So don’t settle for less than the most recorded and revered amplifier in contemporary music. Now those sounds and more are instantly available—any time, anywhere at any volume level. Remember, only Mesa makes the authentic Recto®.

So next time you want to track, don’t get bogged down with hours of set up and miles of cable. Plug straight in to the Recto® Pre-Amp and get right to the heart of your playing—inspiration.