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Mesa Recto 2:100 stereo tube amplifier

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2:One Hundred Amplifier. Brand new tubes + spare. Sounding like a dream!!

Together with the Recto Recording Pre Amplifier this is the same as a Triple Rectifier Solo Head with added features for recording!!


Here it is for all you Recto® addicts: 
a stereo pair of Hundred Watt power blocks straight from the Dual Rectifier® Solo Head.

If the 2:90 went to college, this deviant brother chose a rebellious life in rock ‘n roll. Exactly following the Dual Rectifier’s power amp circuitry, this two-space power house lets you build a stereo rack rig that faithfully delivers all the Recto’s heinous glory.

When driven by our Rectifier Recording® Pre-Amp, the Recto® 2:100™ transforms what otherwise would be a heralded studio icon into a raging wall of live Recto® fury. So true is the signal path that two separate sets of Input jacks are provided, one dedicated to our Recto Pre and the other set for different pre-amps and processors.

The 2:100 includes a Smart Power™ link so the Modern mode can be auto-triggered by the Recto Pre. Not for the timid or faint-of-heart, the power of aggression gives it the right to rule and crowns the Recto® 2:100™ – the king of coliseum crunch.